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klik ikonky 3

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Jak si vyrobit klikací ikonku

24. října 2007 v 13:59 | Terrris |  •Blog
Jak udělat klikací ikonku:
1. Vyberte si obrázek, a napište na něj co chcete mít na ikonce:)
2. Otevřete si na blogu "nový článek" a obrázek do něj vložte.
3. Klikněte dole na "Zobrazit HTML".
4. Na začátek HTML kódu vložte tohle:
<A href="http://ADRESASTRANKY/">
místo slov ADRESASTRANKY napište adresu na co má ikonka odkazovat, já bych napsala www.mtamcr.blog.cz:)
5.Pak dejte zvežejnit článek a je hotovo:D

Moje klikací ikonka

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13. října 2007 v 16:54 | Terrris |  Aly a AJ
Everbody's trying to get to me
Every guy is out for the kill
I'm the type of girl with the pursuing
but I wont be costing it still
You're blowing all of the attention on me
Take your best shot, I bet you'll miss
You've got me interested Enough to stand closer
Maybe try a little kiss
You hit the bullseye baby
(you hit the bullseye baby)
You're making me crazy
(You know you hit the mark)
Dont know how you got me started
(I'm not an easy target)
You hit the bullseye
You hit my heart

Careful With Words

13. října 2007 v 16:54 | Terrris |  Aly a AJ
Please stop calling on my cell
I've got enough voice mails
Don't you get the picture
I don't return your emails IM or your text
Messages are getting boring fast
I try to be careful with my words
You're all over me
I need to breath
Doorbells ringing
CD you sent
Won't stop singing
How's that for being careful with words

Chemicals React

13. října 2007 v 16:53 | Terrris |  Aly a AJ
You make me feel out of my element
like i'm walkin' on broken glass
like my worlds spinnin' in slow motion
and you're movin' too fast

were you right, was i wrong
were you weak, was i strong, yeah
both of us broken
caught in the moment
we lived and we loved
and we hurt and we joked, yeah
but the planets all aligned
when you looked into my eyes
and just like that
the chemicals react
the chemicals react


13. října 2007 v 16:51 | Terrris |  Aly a AJ
Yesterday I spotted you hanging out with someone new
Come on dude I cant believe who
Did it hurt? oh yes it hurt
But not as much as I thought it would
Guess it's time for me to move on

Im getting closer
Closer to closure
Everyday's closer
Closer to closure


13. října 2007 v 16:49 | Terrris |  Aly a AJ
You were the one
That I couldn't find
Hidden away
In the depths of my mind

Why did I let you go
You're to good to be true
I messed it up and now I don't know what to do
We ran in circles and wasted time
From right to wrong
From right to wrong

Do You Believe In Magic

13. října 2007 v 16:49 | Terrris |  Aly a AJ
Do you believe in magic?
In a young girls heart
How the music can free her
whenever it starts

And it's magic
if the music is groovy
It makes you feel happy like an old time movie

Greatest Time Of Year

13. října 2007 v 16:48 | Terrris |  Aly a AJ
It's the greatest time of year, and it's here
help me celebrate it
with everybody here, friends so dear
let me simply state it
it's our favourite way to spend the holiday

there's a special kind of feeling in the air
it only happens at this time of year
when everyone is filled with love and cheer
'cause that's what matters

I Am One Of Them

13. října 2007 v 16:47 | Terrris |  Aly a AJ
I get in the car
Another tragic disater
But I'm safe where I am
Yet another is captured
The traffic is stopped
People just stare
Another alert does the kids have a prayer
Life is not fair

Its hard to look outside my door
With all the news reports and more
Yet I would do my part and stay alive
For all the kids out there who are getting hurt
It could have happened to me
Can you make me believe
This could have a happy end
Cos I am one of them

If I Could Have You Back

13. října 2007 v 16:46 | Terrris |  Aly a AJ
On the subject of you being gone forever
I still can't believe it, I can't see it
I should just stop counting days
On the subject of the future
Wouldn't it be nice to leave it open-ended
And pretend it could go either way

If I could have you back again
I'd think about it once or twice, I guess
If I could have you back
I'd reconsider, maybe I'd say yes
On the other hand it would be
Better to have a life
Without the constant indecision over
If I could have you back
If I could have you back

In A Second

13. října 2007 v 16:44 | Terrris |  Aly a AJ
Don't know where you are
Wish I just could meet you
I would sail oceans
To get a glimpse of how you feel

You're all the things I'm looking For everything and so much more

What I think
You are just perfect
Could it be
That I am worth it
Is this thing an open door
Walk right through to something more
You and me
My life would change in a second
In a second

Jingle Bell Rock

13. října 2007 v 16:44 | Terrris |  Aly a AJ
Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock
Jingle Bells swing and Jingle Bells ring
Snowing, and blowing up bushels of fun
Now the Jingle hop has begun

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock
Jingle Bells chime in Jingle Bell time
Dancing and prancing in Jingle Bell Square
In the frosty air

Let It Snow

13. října 2007 v 16:43 | Terrris |  Aly a AJ
Oh the weather outside is frightful,
but the fire is so delightful,
and since we've no place to go,
let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

it doesn't show signs of stopping,
and i've bought some corn for popping,
the lights are turned way down low,
let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

No One

13. října 2007 v 16:42 | Terrris |  Aly a AJ
I am moving through the crowd
Trying to find myself
Feel like a guitar that's never played
Will someone strum away?

And I ask myself
Who do I wanna be?
Do I wanna throw away the key?
and invent a whole new me
and I tell myself
No One, No One
Don't wanna be
No One
But me..